A Brief Guide on Rich and Complex Amber Scents

Amber Scents

The amazing fragrance of amber is magical and it is perfect for meditation. The amber perfume is available as perfume oil, solid resin, and incense. Do you know what amber is? Want to know about amber in detail then you should consider reading the article below. Amber Resin is solid incense that is obtained from the Middle East region.

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Amber Fragrance 

The fragrance of amber is complex because it is a mixture of various ingredients. Amber resin is not the same as semi-precious gemstone amber and ambergris. The amber gemstone is formed by the fossilized tree resin. On the other hand, ambergris is an essential ingredient in various perfumes and it is obtained from the sperm whale intestines.


In ancient times, the fragrant resins obtained from the desert plant were used as luxury perfumes and for religious purposes. Ancient Egyptians have transformed this perfume into a unique art form. They have formed incenses that produce fragrance. These types of solid-state perfumes are rolled in cakes, dried properly, and finally burned to produce fragrance.  

The different ambers have different recipes and are usually passed down from one generation to another. The scent of amber is sweet, spicy, and warm. Most amber fragrances are vanilla notes and Benzoin notes. Usually, the Egyptian amber produces a musky and sweet fragrance. On the other hand, Tunisian amber is spicy and oriental. 

In the amber fragrance, you can also add extra notes such as sandalwood, vetiver, lemongrass, patchouli, musk, and so on. By adding extra notes, you can easily modify the fragrance the way you want. The aromatic ingredients of the ambers are grounded, blended, and wisely used to make solid perfume. 

In traditional methods, beeswax is used to produce amazing solid amber scents. If you want to create vegan amber, jojoba oil or coconut oil is the best. The price of solid amber resin is very high in the market. But you need only a small amount to spread its amazing fragrance.

  • Amber Oil

Amber is a mixture of various fragrances. Therefore, the amber essence of amber essential oil does not exist. The amber can be composed of the essential oil, but the amber is not available in the form of essential oil unless you are using ambergris, or distilled fossilized amber. 

The ambergris and fossilized amber are difficult to obtain because they are available in small amounts on the Earth. Otherwise, amber is always mixed with essential oil. The amber perfume also produces a complex fragrance. It is composed of vanilla, labdanum, benzoin, wood, floral, or spice.

  • Using Amber

If you want to leverage amber-like ancient Egyptians, then you have to collect the solid amber resins and incense charcoal. If charcoal is hot, then you should place a small amount of resin over the coals. It will start melting and produce amazing fragrance which will spread in the air.

If you want to have a long-lasting personal perfume, then amber resin is a good option. You should rub the warm resin on your pulse points.

Carry a small piece of resin in a box or locket and it will slowly dissipate fragrance. Amber resin is a solid perfume and that’s why the volatile oil of amber evaporates at a low rate. But it is imperative to keep amber inside the airtight container. Take it out only when you need it. Amber is used in various ways such as amber vanilla perfume, amber self-lighting incense, fragrant candles, and so on.

  • Magical properties of Amber

As we have already explained that amber is a diverse fragrance family, therefore its uses are also broad. Broadly, ambers can be categorized as medium, dark, and light varieties. The amber fragrance has the potential to generate sensual pleasure and trigger the wisdom of the person.

The white amber which is loaded with sandalwood and florals can produce a blissful fragrance. 

The white ambers are composed of air and water energy. Therefore, it is more powerful as compared to dark-colored ambers. You can use the white amber in the bedroom, living room, meditation area, or religious place. It can help in reducing anxiety and bring your mind to peace. The white amber can help in promoting sound sleep and also improve meditation levels.

The golden amber can generate a scent that can evoke love or create a feeling of abundance. If you want to attract someone then golden amber perfume is a good choice. The golden amber can also be used in religious places. The dark amber can produce a fragrance that is sticky, sweet, and loaded with exotic spices. These are some of the different types of amber scents and you can use them according to your preferences.


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