A 5-Step Guide to Building Local SEO Authority in Malaysia

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For local businesses, it often gets challenging to compete with big companies. But when you plan the right strategies using the right tools, you can take your local business to greater heights. Also, it will improve the local SEO performance and boost brand visibility while increasing your sales. 

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For many sorts of emerging markets in Malaysia, local SEO turns into a crucial growth avenue. Local SEO tactics may be pretty effective for restaurateurs, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, and other similar businesses. If these business owners receive leads and site visitors from another far-off area, it won’t result in any conversions; it will just slightly increase organic traffic. However, these businesses will see increased traffic from local SEO and quality traffic from potential customers. 


Local searches are a powerful tool for small businesses. Approximately 93% of people are looking for local information on Google searches. So, if a company is not optimized for local searches, you’ll lose many customers. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize your business for local SEO to stay relevant.  


Below you will find a five-step guide to building local SEO authority in Malaysia. 

  1. Focus On Local Keywords


This one appears to be easy, right? That’s correct, it is! But, first, you must inform Google that you are a local company offering services to residents in the region if you wish the local people to find you. 


People looking for a “Web Design Company in Malaysia” want alternatives for Malaysian web design firms, not web design companies from other countries! 


Interestingly, the company at the top of the rankings for “Web Design Company in Malaysia” is aware of this and has worked exceptionally hard to dominate that extremely competitive term by utilizing several excellent SEO strategies, including excellent local SEO Malaysia services. 

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  1. Invest in PR 


Do you think the PR concept works only for large organizations or brands? Well, you need to reconsider. PR is essential to boost the visibility of small businesses, and it also helps to gain more publicity. Additionally, the media outlets are fond of local businesses. Although the large brands can afford to hire PR, they miss out on the unique features. The outlets don’t have many unique stories to cover for a big brand because most of them are already taken care of by the brand’s team.  


Surprisingly, the local businesses allow these media outlets to come up with new and exciting stories, precisely what the media outlets are looking for. The good news is that PR doesn’t have to be costly. Here are some crucial pointers for developing a PR plan for a small firm. 


  • Partner with a PR Firm: 



PR outreach frequently requires a thorough knowledge of PR’s operation. Consequently, working with a PR agency will save you time and money. Additionally, most PR agencies now offer small company packages, making it affordable to launch a PR campaign. 

  • Strengthen Your Customer Service: 



Poor customer service will undermine whatever positive PR your company receives. Customers like returning when your services meet their demands, and you must thus establish exceptional service that keeps clients satisfied. 

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  1. Link Building


Another SEO tactic that is successful and potent in increasing website traffic is link development. Recently, interest in link building has surged considerably. By acquiring links from other websites and merging them into your own, link building helps you to get the web pages to link to each other. It makes it easier for visitors to switch between different websites and for search engines to navigate your website pages. You can use several methods to create links by getting links from other ranking sites and competitors and even reclaim the lost links. This way, you can outperform your rivals if you master at least one.  

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  1. Create a Google My Business Account


Optimizing the Google listing is among the best ways to get a higher rank on Google maps, and it also helps to gain more visibility on the Google results page. Therefore, it is best to have your own Google My Business account. You link it to the profile that gives access to the local business profile, which can make such adjustments. The business profile visible in the Google search knowledge panel, local search result page, and on Google maps will get updated after completing the information requests on your account’s dashboard.  

  1. Optimize Voice Search and Be Mobile Friendly


Nowadays, when everyone has a mobile phone, Google’s announcement that mobile searches will precede desktop searches is not surprising. Additionally, keep an eye on the emerging Google trend of voice search and voice assistants to stay one step ahead of the curve. This is because more people are utilizing voice search, and that questions are being used as search queries. 


You may begin putting together long-tail and short-tail keywords that make up the questions your consumers might ask if you consider how voice search is used. Once Google acknowledges your local company, your store will start to appear locally when a user conducts a voice search. The power of technology is indeed unbelievable! 

Final Thoughts 


Local SEO is among the best ways to gain organic traffic to your business website. If your business has a registered website and location, it will become easier to get a higher rank on Google’s results page using SEO. In addition, with a few cost-effective SEO tactics, you no longer need to spend time and money on expensive Google or Facebook advertisements.


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