9 Trendy bottoms every men should have


Men have limited clothing options? It is what they always complain about. Right? Not true! Men have varieties when it comes to bottoms; they just don’t notice. Yes, men will obsess over sneakers or goggles or even watches. But they forget to pay attention to one small yet essential thing that can enhance their outfit: bottoms.

Contrary to popular belief, the options of bottoms for you guys are multiple besides pants or trousers or regular jeans. We are discussing the must-haves for your wardrobe, and you should get them ASAP.

  1. Chinos- goes with everything.

One bottom option that every man should have in their wardrobe is chinos. They are comfortable and go with everything imaginable. The best thing about them is that you can also wear them for professional events. They are relaxed but professional enough if you wear dark colors like navy blue or black.

Are you planning a fun day out with friends? Go with neutral or green or any relaxed colors.

  1. Skinny jeans- a must-have

No man can say their wardrobe is complete without having skinny jeans. Unfortunately, people often think skinny jeans are synonymous with women. Completely untrue! Skinny jeans for men are available, and they look dashing on men of all body types.

These tend to give shape to your body while also going perfectly well with simmer-fitter t-shirts and shirts.

  1. Cargo pants- comfortable and cozy

Cargo pants are the most relaxing bottoms with dozens of pockets. That’s why people love wearing them! If you lack cargo pants in your wardrobe, thinking they are old school, it’s time to get them back. They are comfortable and easy to style. For styling them, go with sweatpants, t-shirts, or even jackets when the weather is a bit chilly.

  1. Fitted blue jeans- evergreen of all

Every guy has blue jeans in their wardrobe. Then why are we listing them here? Because there is a difference between having blue jeans and fitted blue jeans

If you buy loose blue jeans, it will not help your outfit in any manner. Therefore, you have to invest in fitted blue jeans. They go well with a black or white shirt for your formal events—the best way to leave a mark.

  1. Drawstring trousers- comfort meets style.

Drawstring pants provide the utmost comfort, whether in trouser material or similar to jeggings. Going somewhere that requires you to look perfect but don’t want to invest too much time? Then, drawstring trousers should be your go-to option.

To hide the tie-in, a sweatshirt or button-down t-shirt is your friend. Though, many men rock them without hiding the tie-in.

  1. Wool trousers- goes with everything.

Wool trousers are one pair of bottoms that goes with everything- from shirt to sweatshirt. Easy to style and rocking, you must have them in your wardrobe.

Pair them with a blazer, shirt, and smart shoes for an event or office scene.

Rock it casually by wearing sneakers, sweatshirts, or even a jacket.

  1. Slim-fit trousers- for an office look

Similar to skinny jeans, slim-fit trousers define your body shape. However, they do it sneakingly, making them perfect for office and formal events.

Even casual occasions sometimes require slim-fit pants. Go with any color you like but make sure they aren’t too tight. You should be able to move comfortably around in them.

  1. Relaxed-leg trousers

If you don’t like how tight-fitted Jeans highlight body shape or find them uncomfortable, go with them. Relaxed-leg trousers or jeans are perfect for any guy looking for stylish but comfy bottoms.

Wear them with fitted or half-fitted shirts or t-shirts. If both the upper and lower garment is loose, they will look borrowed, and you don’t want that.

  1. Cropped trousers- in trend

Cropped trousers are similar to regular trousers but leave breathing space for your ankles. In addition, they stop at the helm of your foot, so your feet can breathe in summer.

They are great for both formal and casual settings. They go well with shirts, roll necks, blazers, and more.

Which one of these clothing options are missing from your wardrobe? It’s time to go out and buy these bottoms and be in trend while being classy. All these are comfortable and stylish, so don’t miss out on them.


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