8 Key Reasons Businesses Use Call Transcriptions


Today, call monitoring has surely become standard practice for the majority of businesses. However, listening to each recorded call to pull out the important information, like how an agent dealt with a difficult client, can be tedious and time-consuming.

With call transcriptions, you can easily find the relevant information with no disruptions to the client experience. In this piece, we’ll take a look at how call transcriptions can help your business.

1. Improving employee training

When employing a new workforce, businesses can refer to transcripts from earlier phone calls to identify how employees dealt with various problems.

The transcript can serve as a script to help new employees practice, too. The new hires can read through call transcriptions to get a sense of what customers might ask during calls and know how to respond.

2. Enhancing sales and marketing technique

Call transcriptions are handy in other departments, too. For instance, the sales department can use them to ensure that they deliver client’s expectations of services and products. Sales representatives can use transcriptions to detect threats and competitor mentions. They can also be used to identify upsell and cross-selling opportunities.

The marketing can utilise call transcriptions for lead generation, too. Advertising is most successful when you connect with individuals. Marketers can see what clients want to optimise ads and improve quality leads. All the efforts lead to giving the clients exactly what they want.

3. Making your conversation searchable

When conversations are transcribed into written text, you can efficiently scan for and even reference specific keywords, phrases and highlights. That can be helpful when you are following up with a client and need to reference that information – or if you are telling a fellow representative or manager about a case.

4. Getting legal protection for your business

Even though a legal situation in which you have to offer call transcription and\or recordings may be rare, it is good to be prepared when it comes to the health and security of your company. By recording and then transcribing calls, you do have proof and evidence of what was said between representatives and clients, and how situations were handled. That can help you identify which representatives mishandled a situation or clear the name of your business.

For example, if a client claims that he was never informed about a charge – transcribing calls can ensure you have got the proof to review. Note that recordings must abide by the law – review the laws of your country about call recordings.

5. Offering a better customer experience

A client experience is crucial to the success of any company. Conversations between clients and agents are recorded and the records are transcribed. This is done to gain information on client satisfaction, which can be on your services or products.

For instance, if a client says, “I have been satisfied with the service.” The phrase is usually considered positive sentiment, but a phrase, like “I want to speak to your manager,” would get a negative score. And the scores of call transcriptions usually determine several things, like whether a client had an overall negative or positive experience.

6. Upgrading accessibility

Accessibility is the ability to offer individuals with disabilities with assistive technologies, which makes the ability to access systems a lot easier. For instance, when you provide access to written transcripts of calls, the conversations become more accessible to more people, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

An individual might also be struggling to understand words while listening. That happens when the language used isn’t their native one. Transcribing calls will offer them transcripts in different languages.

7. Keeping records of vital meetings

Businesses need to keep records of vital meetings made over the phone calls. Transcribed notes can be used for reference, especially when an important decision has been made.

Written reports won’t be necessary since what transpired will be captured in the transcription. Professional transcripts can be kept either as hard or soft copies.

8. Website improvement

For instance, if there are call transcriptions of your relevant video conferences on your website, it will improve website reach, making it rank higher on search engine result pages.

That enhances the engagement on your business site and helps you gather more clients. It will improve your online presence and boost your revenue.

The bottom line

Once you discover the power of call transcriptions, you will be able to use them for various business goals. You can also improve both external and internal business communication and even create the best experience for all of your clients.

You can hire professional phone transcription services to get your error-free and accurate call transcripts in a short time. That way, your business will be able to benefit from it.


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