7 Effective Tips On How To Write Cover Letter For Internship


A cover letter is an accompanying letter with a resume or CV. Even before going through the résumé, the recruiter goes through the cover letter. A cover letter is different from a résumé because the applicant states the position they are applying for and why they are fit.

If this is your first time composing  a cover letter, then you might be nervous but do not worry; we are here to guide you. A suitable cover letter looks professional and can heighten your chances of getting selected. But it depends on how one writes it.

Hence today, we are going to break down seven vital tips on how to write a cover letter for an internship:

State the position you are applying for

The main agenda of a cover letter is to mention the position you are applying for. This is because a company offers vacancies for a lot of different positions at the same time. Hence stating which role you are applying for gives a clear idea to the recruiter.

Keep it clear and mention the job role you are interested in and applying for.

List educational qualification

The next thing to write in your cover letter is your educational qualifications. Again, stating your educational background and the position you are applying for helps the recruiter know how fit you for the position.

List down all of your educational qualifications. This is the best opportunity to list other academic qualifications in your educational life, like being a leader, organizing, and managing a team in that relevant field. Your educational background can be a supporting factor for the role you are applying.

Mention abilities and skills

A cover letter is best to state your other skills and abilities. Most students do not know that nowadays, companies don’t only look for educational qualifications but also soft skills. Some significant soft skills companies look for are perseverance, creativity, team management, critical thinking abilities, etc.

State down all of your soft skills and extra talents. For example, if you are applying for a coding job and have prior experience, then stating them in your cover letter is a must.

Explain why you should be selected for the role

The next tip is to explain why you are fit for the role. Even after stating your expertise,skills and educational qualifications, you still need to mention why you are suitable for the position. This is more like a direct conversation in a more professional manner.

It is using your qualifications and skills as a backup to state why you fit the role. This also makes the job for the recruiter easy as it gets easier to decide if you explain your strengths properly. Also, it shows the enthusiasm of the candidate to get recruited.

Add in the right keywords

The next tip is to add in right keywords. In today’s modern era, most recruiters do not go through each resume. This process is tiring and outdated. And to be honest, so many applicants apply daily for the same job role, making it very difficult to cross-check all the documents manually.

Hence what they do is that they use online tools and look for job-specific keywords. Resumes with these particular sets of keywords are then shortlisted for the next round. Therefore, adding keywords specific to your resume is a must to get the recruiter’s attention, no matter which method is used for shortlisting.

State the benefits which you will bring to the table for the company

Every company wants to hire someone who will be vital for the company. How you will be helpful for the company is something which you have to state yourself. Write down all the essential traits and pros you can bring to the table.

Here one must only state the skulls which are relevant to the job. For example, suppose you are excellent at coming up with DIY projects but are applying for the role of a writer in Matlab assignment help service. Both fields are far apart as my assignment help experts in Matlab assignment help online does not do anything related to DIY projects. So stating unnecessary traits that are of no use to the company will only turn them off.

Review your final cover letter

And finally, our last tip is to review your final cover letter. Most candidates do not value the importance of a cover letter which is why they deliver a shabby one. A poor cover letter lowers the prestige of the applicant and makes it impossible for them to get shortlisted in the selected list.

Take the part of cover letter writing seriously. Review your cover letter numerous times to analyze the quality and look for mistakes. A lot of candidates have been hired only due to solid cover letters. So make sure it is flawless with no faults to be on top of the preference list for any job role.

A good cover letter can be the “make or break it” moment for the candidates. If you had poor luck with job selection, then high chances are that it was due to a poor cover letter. So review your cover letter and add all the crucial tips we have listed. Candidates who use these tips accurately will see the ladder to success and get any job role they desire.

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Henry Tesfaye is a lecturer at the University of Toronto. He has a master’s degree in chemistry and has taught chemistry to students for over 6+ years. Currently, he is associated with Allessaywriter to offer MATLAB assignment help to needy students.


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