6 Unusual Attractions in the UK


To have an exciting trip, you don’t necessarily have to go abroad. Even if you’re on a budget or just simply don’t want to travel too far away from home, you can have a great time travelling around the UK. In this way, you can avoid distant journeys and save some money, especially as there are many beneficial promotions available locally, like these Travelodge discount codes.

To make your trip absolutely unforgettable and one of a kind, it is certainly an excellent idea to add some really unusual attractions to your plan. Check out some of these suggestions that may be worth considering when you’re going to travel around the UK!

1.The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney

The Dark Hedges is a name for an avenue of beech trees in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. They were planted there in the 18th century by order of James Stuart, who wanted to have an impressive entrance to his new house. 

It was later used as one of the shooting locations for the popular television series Games of Thrones, so many fans come here to experience its magical atmosphere and take a selfie inside. Also, there is a legend saying that this place is sometimes visited by a ghost called the Grey Lady, so maybe you will be lucky enough to spot her!

2.Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Leavesden

If you travel just an hour from central London, you can experience the magic of the wizardry world you know from the Harry Potter books and films. In this place, you can visit the actual locations used in the filmmaking process, such as the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, or Dumbledore’s office. And you can see the legendary Hogwarts Express train! 

The whole tour takes around 4 hours and is certainly an amazing experience for every Harry Potter fan. Don’t forget to buy some themed souvenirs at the end as well!

3.Ghost Bus Tour, Edinburgh

If you failed to meet the Grey Lady in the Dark Hedges and you’re hungry for spooky experiences, there is a perfect attraction for you in Edinburgh – a ghost bus tour! You will have the opportunity to hear terrifying stories from the city’s history, with the ghost piper of Edinburgh Castle being one of the most prominent ones. You will also visit the former home of Mary Queen of Scots, where she was murdered in cold blood, and the house where the well-known body snatchers Burke and Hare used to reside. 

However, the most exciting part of this trip has to be visiting one of the most haunted cemeteries, but not everybody dares to do so! Will you?

4.The Crooked House, Dudley

Another interesting attraction to visit in the UK is an unusual pub located in Dudley, in the West Midlands. This place became a pub in the 1800s, and at the same time, it started sinking to one side as a result of intense mining works nearby. 

One side of The Crooked House is approximately a metre lower than the other, and it has been decorated with a lot of optical illusions to enhance the overall effect. It’s also still a regular pub, so you can grab a pint or two and chill out with your partner, family or friends and saviour its uniqueness.

5.A Spitfire Flight, Kent/Epping

If you’re interested in WWII history or are an avid aircraft fan (or even better – a combination of both!), it can be a fantastic idea to take this opportunity to experience a flight in the legendary Spitfire that helped to protect Britain in the most dangerous times. You can easily recognise its noble cockpit cover and iconic Rolls Royce Merlin Engine!

In two locations in the UK, namely Kent, Ashford and Epping, Essex, you have an opportunity to take a 30-minute passenger flight with a professional pilot (it may even be an ex-RAF pilot!).

6.The Alnwick Garden, Alnwick

You may not be aware of it, but in the UK, particularly in Alnwick, Northumberland, you’ll find the world’s most deadly botanical garden! The Poison Garden is hidden among beautiful water features and the world’s most extensive cherry garden, and its entrance is protected with iron gates (for a reason!). 

It is possible to go enter it but only with a guided tour that will provide you with all the necessary precautions. Why is it so deadly, you may ask? Because there are over 100 intoxicating, toxic or narcotic plants growing in it! Sounds like a challenge?


Overall, there are many unusual attractions to enjoy in the UK, and these are just a few chosen examples. You certainly won’t be bored while travelling around this country! You can, for instance, visit an atmospheric tree avenue, see the actual scenography from the Harry Potter films, experience a WWII plane flight, have a drink in a crooked pub, go on a spooky ghost bus tour, or have a walk in a poisonous garden, to mention but a few.

As it seems, not only travelling abroad and exploring other cultures may be interesting – you can also have a lot of fun and exciting experiences without leaving your country. All it takes it’s a bit of research and planning, and you can have one of the best trips in your life. Hopefully, this list will be a little help. Bon voyage!


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