5 Unique Table Design you Should Buy for Your Home Right Now

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A table is considered the most used piece of furniture in every home. It’s a functional furniture item that captures the personality of your space and defines its elegance in the most unique way possible. Every house has at least five types of tables to use for everyday utility. Not only just one area but every corner has a variety of tables, such as the center table, coffee table, dressing table, dining table, side table, etc.

However, even with all these tables, there is a void of not having enough appropriate tables, which we feel in our day-to-day activities. Such as when you are sitting on your sofa or bed and need an extra wooden table to place your plates or when you want extra seating space in your living room. Well, you need not worry; this article will resolve these issues by suggesting tables online that you can buy for your home from WoodenStreet.com. So, continue reading and identify some unique tables everyone should have in their home.

Nesting Side End Table


The most brilliant furniture piece in the current market is a nesting side table. It is usually a set of two and sometimes three tables of different sizes used separately or together. You can merge the nesting table set together while not using it and then separate it while using it. This beautiful table inside your home can create a contemporary look while saving a lot of space in your home. You can use the nesting table as a perfect support table for your sofa or use it inside your bedroom. To suggest the best, you can get WoodenStreet’s Tao end tables which are perfect for every compact space and spacious enough to store your necessary items.

Console Table

table online shopping

Another exquisite design of wooden tables online is a console table. You would love this elegant table in your home’s living room, bedroom, hallway, or dining room. They have a unique and sleek design that can store your artistic and decorative items while becoming a great storage unit. So get the most alluring Freesia console table from WoodenStreet and bring a vibrant style to your home.

Sofa Table With Stools

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Every home owns a coffee table or a sofa table in their home, but we offer you something even more multitasking and graceful for your beautiful home. Get a Vesta Sheesham wood coffee table with four stools from WoodenStreet. Its glamorous design will assure compliment from your guests, and the four stools will increase your seating space. Also, it holds a very spacious storage cabinet to give you more utility space for your living room. There is nothing more you can ask from your sofa table so order it now.

Folding Table

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A foldable table is another essential table that every home should own. It can be a beautiful centre table or coffee table for your home. Also, when you need extra space in your compact home, you can fold it into a sleek wood piece and keep it in the corner. A foldable table has many options on WoodenStreet; you can get a foldable dining table, centre table, study table, and many more.

Extendable Portable Table

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Lastly, a very functional and valuable table you can get online is an extendable and portable table. You can get this table design on WoodenStreet and use it for various purposes. Such as extending these tables as per your wish and height. Also, you can carry it from one room to another without hassle. You can work, watch a movie, eat, or do anything with this attractive table. Everyone should get online for a compact space from WoodenStreet.

All these tables will prove worth every penny you spend on them. Each wooden table you select to buy today will enhance your home decor aesthetically and fulfilling its purpose of being productive. Also, except for these beautiful table designs, you can buy a Pedestal wooden table, breakfast table, buffet table, and many more for your home. So, switch the tab and search for all these wood tables on WoodenStreet now. Also, if you hurry, you might get a very enticing discount on them.


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