5 Reasons To Choose React For Front-End Development


React is one of the most widely used technologies in the field of web and mobile app development. It provides great support and features for developing good-quality user interfaces for web and mobile applications. React is a highly useful framework for front-end development. There are many similar technologies for front-end development in the market. 

But React holds a large space for its effective and performing features. So if you are determining technology for the front-end development of web or mobile apps. Then, here I will share with you the top 5 reasons why you should choose React for front-end development. 

What is React?

React is primarily a JavaScript library used for developing user-interface for web and mobile applications. It is an open-source, declarative, and dynamic JS library. It has a component-based library that allows developers to build high-standard UIs mainly for web apps. React is owned by Facebook. React was officially launched in 2014 as an open-source technology for individual developers and companies. 

When React is used for web development it is used as ReactJS. And for mobile app development React Native is used. Since React uses the same programming syntax of JS, React can be used easily in developing web and mobile applications. A React Native app development company can help you build a web or mobile application using React technology for any business requirements. 

Why is React so popular?

React was developed by Facebook with the purpose to solve the challenges in combining HTML and JavaScript in web development. Earlier to React, web developers mostly had to mix business logic directly into their view code. 

This process makes it complex and time-consuming. It is because changes made in the code would be scattered across different components and files. As a result, web development was a great task at that time. 

Facebook built React considering this aspect and provided a component-based solution where JavaScript files (JSX) are used for views. It makes a clear separation between business logic and view. Hence, it is quite easy and flexible for developing UI with a mix of HTML and JavaScript. 

Therefore, developers widely prefer to React for front-end development. React has been used in the market since 2014. From individual developers to web and mobile app development companies. React is being used across different industries in developing desktop software, websites, web applications, and mobile apps. 

React uses JavaScript as its programming language which is highly familiar among the developer community. Therefore, it is quite easy to adapt React. 

There are many technologies for front-end development like AngularJS. Vue.JS, Node.js. But among all these technologies this library has a greater share. If you see the reports from StackOverFlow, React.JS stands out as the 2nd most preferred development library. 

When it comes to developing user-interface quickly and efficiently, most businesses hire React Native app developers for their projects. That is why we see why there is high demand for ReactJS and React Native app developers in the industry. 

Top 5 Reasons To Choose React for Front-End Development

1. Easy To Learn and Implement

One of the benefits of using React is that it is quite developer-friendly. It has a steep learning curve because it is a JS library. React is declarative, flexible, and efficient. Therefore, developers don’t need to put huge efforts into learning and implementing React in web development. 

There are many frameworks other than React like Angular, Nodejs, and Vue.js.But React is comparatively easy to learn because it is built on component-based architecture. So it makes it easier for developers to utilize the library to compose and organize. Whereas, in other JS frameworks, the library generally has a tree of components. 

As a result, it becomes a little complex to understand how UI elements behave and work together. React has a simple file tree and dynamic component model. It offers a shorter dependency list. This feature makes it quite easy for developers by reducing the equivalent lists. So, when you choose to React for front-end development, you can even hire beginner-level ReactJS developers. 

2. ReactJS is Flexible

ReactJs offers great flexibility. It allows you to make changes quickly and integrate third-party plugins or APIs efficiently. In web development, there is always need for integrations and making updates. React is built on component-based architecture. So, it allows bundling front-end code into custom components. Its library neither locks nor guides developers into their method of coding. Instead, it guides developers on how to create reusable components. React supports developers to determine how to manage routing, testing, and handling dependencies. In ReactJs development, developers can write clean and modular code while segregating projects into separate components. Hence, React provides greater flexibility in terms of writing code which can easily be managed and scaled in for future changes. Besides this, React provides good support in the integration of third-party libraries and MVC frameworks. Developers can select to create a react project from scratch or migrate React to the existing legacy codebase. Hence, it is not so difficult to create a web or mobile application with React. 

3. Create Testable User-Interfaces

Front-end development deals with creating user interfaces (UI) for applications. It is meant for building functional design and architecture for the client-side (users). For this purpose, React offers wide support. In ReactJS development, you do not need to conduct high configurations of UI testing. Instead, it allows developers to use Jest, which is facebook’s own JS test runner. You can develop a new app through Create React App. Jest, here allows you to execute tests quickly with default features. In most JS frameworks for web development, it is often complex and time-consuming to test UIs for multiple use cases. But React here provides good features for testing UIs through in-built app testing support. 

4. ReactJS is SEO-Friendly

This is also one of the top reasons why most businesses and developers choose React for web development. With React, you can develop web applications optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

React uses JavaScript programming language. This language is mostly used in the script or code of the web pages of web apps. A web page built with JavaScript increases the page load time. Therefore, applications built with React can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. Google crawls a website or web app which uses server-side rendering for HTML response. And since React uses the mixed components of HTML and JavaScript. As a result, it helps your website and web apps perform well on Google and produce better SEO results. 

5. Faster Development Speed

React has a rich UI library and ready-made widgets and elements. It helps in boosting developers’ productivity by providing them with in-built solutions. React has the capability to work with JavaScript, TypeScript, and JSX. It allows developers to work with reusable components. It has a wide range of useful React Developer tools to assist developers in improving their productivity. These tools can be used through browser extensions on popular web browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Hence, it reduces the time and effort and increases the speed of web development and productivity of developers. 


React is a feature-rich developer-friendly framework for front-end development. It offers many features and ready-made solutions that make it easier for developers to build high-quality web and mobile apps. 

React is an easy, fast, and flexible JS framework that you can use to build high-standard user interfaces for web and mobile app development projects. Especially when you are using React for mobile apps, then find an expert mobile app development company that specializes in developing apps with React technology. 

About the Author

The author is React Native Developer at MobileCoderz-a well-established mobile app development company which builds business-oriented web and mobile app solutions. She has immense experience in React Native for developing user-interface for mobile applications. She is also proficient in JavaScript and HTML programming. Aside from this, She is a leading guest author at popular tech sites and a pet lover.


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