4 Steps to Follow to Become a Wikipedia Editor


You can’t remember an actor’s name when you are in conversation with your friends, and you search it online. Wikipedia is the free and largest online encyclopedia that will give you the answer.

According to a survey, more than 43 million people still use Wikipedia for learning and gaining insights about any topic.

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According to recent studies, Wikipedia has 6,563,129 existing articles, which means it can provide you with information about any topic you want.

Do you ever wonder who writes and edits these articles? Wikipedia is a free platform. Anyone can write and edit here. Yes, you heard it right.

You can start with Wikipedia editing if you want to hone your editing skills before joining any writing or editing-related farm.

Today, a lot of people do this. So, you need to add something to your editing process to stand out from the crowd.

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How to be a Wikipedia Editor?

You have to follow a few steps to understand how the Wikipedia editing process can be done. Here are the steps. Let’s have a look –

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account

You can do Wikipedia editing without registration or signing up. But it will not be a clever decision. To stop spamming, Wikipedia often blocks the public IP addresses and VPN users so they can’t edit documents. That’s why you must create an account before you start editing Wikipedia articles. You should add your email address at the time of registration so that you can save time in the long run. After finishing the registration process, you are all set to start editing. But it would be best if you wait for four to five days and do a minimum of ten edits to be an auto-confirmed user. According to Wikipedia sources, now English Wikipedia has 44,259,852 registered users. So, you have to keep your patience to be promoted at Wikipedia because it will take time.

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After completing the registration process, you have to edit your preferences.

You will be able to edit your user profile, watchlist, appearance, features, etc. After that, add your signature. It’s a very crucial thing for editing and displaying your identity to other editors and readers.

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  1. Practice Your Skills in the Sandbox

You will get a sandbox for practicing your editing skills on Wikipedia. You should use this sandbox well until you get auto-confirmation as an editor. After that, you can watch a few editing tutorials on YouTube or read some articles regarding this. But, in my opinion, it would be best if you copy-paste a published article’s code here and edit it. Then, you just have to spend a few hours to finish the entire thing.

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  1. Start Editing

Now you are ready to start editing. You can edit any article you want, but the problem you will face here is many of the articles are in a protected format. You need to follow some rules here, such as only one editor can edit the article in 24 hours.

If you want to practice your editing skill, you should go for those articles which are not that important or people don’t care about them.

If you want to gain trust and earn respect in the Wikipedia community, you should edit the articles that need attention. If you are a subject-matter expert or provide my assignment help to students, you can provide your attention to the articles that need an expert touch.

Your job here is not ending with editing only. Yes, you heard it right. First, you have to add a summary of the editing or changes you have made. Then, you can publish your page and add a reminder to your preference page. That’s it. Now, you are a Wikipedia editor.

Before making a new Wikipedia page of your own, ensure you have edited a decent number of pages that display your name as an editor in it. That’s how you can please the Wikipedia community and get an upper ranking as an editor.

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  1. Be Polite with Other Editors

You know the basics of Wikipedia editing now. But this is not the end of this editing process. You have to face some issues too. For example, when you publish an edited article, the high-ranking editors will want to edit that again. Sometimes, they provide knowledgeable insights which are actually good for your editing career. But often, you have to face a bunch of argumentative editors and be forcefully involved in a bad argument.

That’s why you need to cool down your head even if there are reasons to be angry. You have to be polite. It would be best if you were careful so that you can avoid personal attacks and trust your co-editors. Wikipedia has a few policies that you must maintain, such as “no original research”, “neutral point of view,” and “Verifiability.”

If you regularly edit at least one article on Wikipedia, you will easily understand the tone you need to maintain in your write-up to work with Wikipedia.

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  • Things to Remember

Here is a quick list regarding Wikipedia editing you must follow. Check it out –

  • Always remember the five pillars of Wikipedia.
  • Ask for help when you need one.
  • Check on the community portal to know about those articles that need editing.
  • Always avoid controversy
  • And most importantly, stay active in Wikipedia and keep contributing.

Final Thoughts,

Never before was it feasible to work with so many knowledgeable individuals to develop a multipurpose knowledge site. As a result, Wikipedia maintains incredibly high standards in the quality of its content despite frequent accusations of systemic bias.

Although participating in the Wikipedia community takes time, it gives one a sense of fulfilment to know that the knowledge they contribute will be preserved for future generations.

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