4 Secrets of the Patek Phillippe Nautilus You Never Knew


Secrets are never to be revealed, but some make you fall in love with something more than you’d get awed. The Patek Phillippe nautilus undisclosed secrets might do more than that; changing the way you see them and their fascination make you an ardent fan. Only a few watches have the wow factor in the history of their founding, and the Patek Philippe Nautilus is among them. Here are the Patek Phillippe nautilus secrets you’ve assuredly never heard of.

  1. Its Price Point Was a Daring Risk

When the Patek Phillippe nautilus manufacturers were developing this watch, they had nothing in mind about its price, only to give it a higher evaluation when launching it for the first time. Perhaps it appeared quite the $3,100 price tag was correct, or it was only a daring risk they were willing to take. Regardless, that seemingly set the standard for the watch’s average prices, giving them a high market evaluation. The fact that this watch still retains these high prices is because it walks its talk with quality.

  1. It Features a Similar Alloy That Protected World War II Tanks

Believe it or not, the Patek Phillippe nautilus watches are one of the sturdiest. If you’ve ever put your hands on one, you’d probably wonder how robust their steel is and why it seems not to cave into any pressures. Virtually every model features this type of steel, and you can simply visit https://www.cortinawatch.com/th/en/brand/nautilus/ to get yours. The steel isn’t your ordinary type, marginally malleable or prone to tarnishing. Instead, the nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy is one of the most robust steels in history. This steel variation was sought after for constructing tanks in World War II, and mesmerizingly, it’ll grace your wrist once you put your hands on one.

  1. Its Manufacturer Designed it in a Restaurant

It’s never surprising how the iconic brands in tech came to exist, some in mainly bizarre ways. And mesmerizingly, the Patek Phillippe nautilus invention is quite a story. Gerald Genta, the watch’s producer, discovered the brand in 1970 during the Basel fair when seated in a restaurant. With a pen and paper, he designed a watch sketch in five minutes when observing a group of people from Patek dining. Afterward, he followed up with more modifications, creating one of the most iconic timepiece brands.

  1. It’s One of the Most Reinvented Wristwatches

The Patek Phillippe nautilus is one of the most reinvented timepieces, making them incredibly crystal and new year on-end. Since its initial release in 1976, the watch has seen various models in watch stores, all having unique and subtler variations. During its 30th anniversary, the wristwatch premiered its 5711/1A model, which saw a chain of more appealing models in the market afterward. However, most of the Patek Phillippe nautilus 5711 models may be out of the market after withdrawing its production earlier in 2021, perhaps to produce more sophisticated designs.

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, THAILAND – OCTOBER 8, 2020 : Antique Patek Philippe watch with glitter background.


The Patek Phillippe nautilus watches are unique and sought-after for a reason. They’re inarguably high quality and an icon of the wristwatch world, adding a touch of deluxe to their fans. However, the brand’s and model’s secrets can unveil more than you anticipate, with secrets worth changing how you perceive them.




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