4 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy

Solar energy is among the most abundant energy sources in the world. It’s a renewable energy resource that can offer adequate power for your home needs. Solar power is constantly growing in popularity due to the significant benefits it can offer to humans and the environment.

Besides the obvious financial benefits, there are other convincing reasons why you should switch to using solar energy rather than electricity. Here are four excellent reasons why you should use solar energy. 

1.Installing solar panels is easy and possible in any home

Solar energy has become extremely versatile, and today you can install conventional photovoltaic solar panels on a house roof or ground with minimum disruptions. You can also integrate solar technology into building materials for an elegant look.

Another great advantage is the availability of solar energy information on the internet. You can have your calculation done and questions answered from your home’s comfort before making any commitment. This gives you time to weigh the best options, depending on your location, financial capability, available space, demand, and energy efficiency. Visit surfcleanenergy.com for any solar energy solution, including designing a custom solar system and installing residential solar panels. 

2.It’s good for the environment

Solar energy represents a clean, green energy source and is an excellent way to minimize your carbon footprint. There is no direct greenhouse gas emission since the power is made from sunlight instead of burning fossil fuels.

Adapting solar energy can significantly reduce concentrations of pollutants, including sulfur dioxide and particulate carbon, which can lead to environmental and health issues. These air contaminants lead to acid rain and are also risk factors for chronic bronchitis and other respiratory issues.

3.You can qualify for tax deductions and generous cash incentives

Solar panels are highly paying. Typically, you will get 26% of the total system costs back from equipment and installation as a federal income tax credit if you file your taxes. That means you would save up to $9,100 on a solar system worth $35,000. If you combine this with state and local rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRCES), the system’s total cost can be reduced by half. The SRECSs are generated throughout the year, and you may sell them to utility firms, which may offer a very generous return on the initial investment. 

4.It saves on electricity bills

Electricity costs worldwide have risen in the last few years due to the increasing prices of coal and gas, and this trend is likely to continue. Solar service agreements may offer lower and predictable rates that are generally affordable than your electricity company, meaning you can expect to pay less for power when you opt for solar.

In addition, solar-powered batteries can protect you from high electricity rates of Time-of-Use (TOU), set by your local electricity company. Electricity is usually more costly during the peak demand seasons and less expensive during low demand periods. With home solar and rechargeable battery systems, you can avoid the exorbitant rates under a Time-of-Use rate structure while further honing your energy savings.


Solar energy is a solid power resource that can provide sufficient electricity to your home or commercial building. It’s the most eco-friendly and abundant renewable resource that can efficiently power your home or office cost-effectively. Using solar energy can offer many benefits and help preserve the environment for the next generations.


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