3D Printing versus CNC Machining: Which One to Choose?


With regards to modern assembling, a few strategies are accessible that convey great outcomes. Notwithstanding the regular procedures, innovations like 3D printing are additionally roaring across different ventures.

With the headway of Industry 4.0 applications, organizations are coordinating added substance fabricating with their current creation line. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you keep thinking about whether 3d printing is superior to ordinary techniques, we take care of you. For better getting it, we will contrast CNC machining and 3D printing innovations so you can pick the right one for your business.

About CNC Technology

CNC or PC mathematical control is a subtractive assembling innovation that utilizes PC supported plan (CAD) programming to control a machine instrument. The CNC machine instrument eliminates material from a workpiece to make the ideal shape.

CNC machining is inescapable on the grounds that it is a flexible innovation. It is appropriate for different applications, including metalworking, carpentry, plastic embellishment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Also, CNC machining is the most well known strategy for assembling metal parts.

This innovation is great for both quick prototyping and mass assembling. It can create leaves behind exact aspects and smooth completions. Contrasted with different strategies, CNC machines have a higher forthright expense and require a talented administrator to run the machine instrument precisely. It is the reason added substance fabricating advancements have become more well known than customary techniques in numerous businesses.

Around 3D Printing

3D printing is a layer-by-layer development of an item from its CAD model. In this cycle, an item with complex calculation is made by setting down progressive layers of material until the eventual outcome comes to fruition.

As opposed to subtractive philosophies, added substance fabricating involves no cutting devices for the assembling system. The 3D printer stores material in the expected example to assemble the item.

This innovation has a few applications in the medical care, aviation, auto, and guard ventures. Added substance fabricating advancements are utilized for fast prototyping and low-volume producing. One of the critical advantages of 3D innovation is that it doesn’t need a high expertise level to work the printer. It makes the added substance process ideal for independent ventures and new companies.

3D printing versus CNC: Which is Right for You?

Now that you realize the key separating factors between CNC machining and 3D printing, the time has come to conclude which innovation could turn out best for your business. Key viewpoints that will assist you with picking the best choice:

Required Precision

Assuming you want great parts with exact aspects, CNC machines are the ideal arrangement. Then again, in the event that great quality outcomes at reasonable rates are your need, 3D printers could be a superior decision. Nonetheless, assume precision isn’t a worry for your application — all things considered, you can select both of these innovations relying upon different necessities like the convenience and starting expense.

Volume Production

For huge volume producing, customary techniques like CNC machining guarantee quicker throughput and are more practical. Then again, 3D printing is a superior decision for low-volume fabricating and prototyping.


CNC machines can work with different materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Be that as it may, 3D printing are restricted to a couple of material sorts like ABS plastic, PLA plastic, metal composites, and ceramics. Assuming you want to make parts from a particular material that isn’t upheld by 3D printing innovation, then, at that point, CNC machining would be the better choice.


3D printing can make profoundly complex plans that are unrealistic with CNC machining. Subsequently, in the event that you want complex plan and geometrics on your item, 3d printing is great for you.

Might 3D Printing at any point Ever Replace CNC Machining?

CNC machining is as yet viewed as the most well known technique for assembling parts since it offers really getting done and exact aspects. It makes it ideal for applications where accuracy is basic or for huge scope creation runs.

Nonetheless, 3D printing innovation has a few qualities that make it reasonable for medical services, aviation, auto, and safeguard, where regular machines neglect to convey. The exactness of 3D printers relies upon the degree of added substance producing advances used to print the article. For instance, metal added substance fabricating strategies produce profoundly precise parts with smooth completions.

Rather than 3d printing supplanting CNC machining, the two advances will offer higher dexterity when utilized together. 3D printing is the best fit for quick prototyping and low-volume fabricating, while CNC machining administration can be utilized for enormous scope creation.

When to Use 3D Printing and when to Use CNC?

On the off chance that you have a lower financial plan and need the eventual outcome quick, pick 3D printing. In the event that you have a high spending plan, require complex mathematical examples or short completion time, then CNC machining is a superior decision. In the event that you have neither of these worries, the decision between 3D printing and CNC machining boils down to the customized necessities of your business.


All in all, both 3D printing and CNC machining are strong advances reasonable for different assembling applications. It is fundamental to think about the part’s expected accuracy, material, volume creation, and calculation while picking between these two. By knowing the advantages and impediments of every innovation, organizations can conclude which interaction is the most ideal for their necessities. As added substance advancements are getting more well known, a few organizations currently offer reasonable 3d imprinting in India.


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