3 Best & Free Ways to Change Image to PDF

image to pdf

Sometimes you need to convert images to PDF file format because PDF is a universal file format and allows you to send and share the file on different platforms for various purposes. Therefore, after a little effort, we discover some of the best and most free websites out there that helps you to change image to PDF without any problem. It does not matter whether you are using macOS, Windows, or any operating device but it is crucial which operating system you are using has a modern web browser. These websites can make new PDF files without losing the quality of the original images.

In this post, you will know the best and free ways to turn JPG image to PDF file format swiftly.



You should have to always adopt the image to PDF converter source that does not impact on the quality while making photos to PDF conversions. This is where you can account for a free JPG to PDF converter from the source of theonlineconverter.com which allow you to change image to PDF without impacting on the quality.


No doubt, iLovePDF is an ideal web-based software that gives a JPG to PDF converter to make conversions easily. It allows you to change image to PDF in a couple of seconds. Just upload the file to the page and get the new PDF files in high-quality resolution. This software provides you with more features such as portrait, landscape, and margin options. You can use these options according to your need. Moreover, you can use this freely but you can also create an account and buy a premium plan for a month to take more advantage of additional image extraction services.

How to turn JPG into PDF with iLovePDF?

Step #1:

At first, select the JPG images that you want to upload from your desktop or file folders, drag them to the converter, and drop it into a “Drop files here!”, the upload process begins automatically. Moreover, you can also choose images to upload manually from your desktop or file folders by clicking on the “Select JPG images” option.

Step #2:

If you want to select multiple files to upload, then press the “Command” key on your Mac keyboard or the “CTRL” key on your Windows keyboard, and then you can select multiple files.

Once the file is uploaded, you can also change the image orientation (portrait or landscape) and margins (no margin or with margin) you desired.

Step #3:

Once the uploaded process is done, click on the “Convert to PDF” button. Your PDF files should be converted and downloaded automatically. Click on the “Download PDF” and obtain your PDF files quickly.


This program provides you with the best and free JPG to PDF converter that allows to change image to PDF in the fastest and most convenient way. You can save JPG as PDF freely and without a watermark. Just click on the “Add file(s)” select the file that you want to convert, upload it into the Add file(s)” box of the converter, and save your new PDF files into your computer. Your files are saved with this tool since your files are deleted from the server after 2 hours and do not share with third parties. You can use this program on any operating device from any place with a stable Internet connection.

How to change image to PDF with PDFCandy?

Step #1:

Click on “Add file(s)” to choose images on your desktop or in your file folders. You can also select images directly from desktop or file folders, then drag it to the “Add file(s)” box and drop it there to upload into the converter.

Step #2:

Once you upload the file, click “Convert” to start the conversion process from JPG to PDF.

Step #3:

Click “Download file” to view and save it on your computer quickly.


This software is an excellent source to make the conversion from image to PDF since it has an ideal and free tu use jpg to pdf converter. It helps you to change image to pdf in a couple of seconds. You need to upload the JPG image file into the converter and get high-quality PDFs. You can use this software freely and no need for additional software to convert JPG to PDFs.

How to Convert JPG to PDF with theonlineconverter?

Step #1:

Just upload and drag and drop image file into the JPEG to PDF converter.

Step #2:

Make a tap on the “Convert” button and wait until the file uploaded

Step #3:

Finally, click on the “Download” button and save a image as a pdf instantly


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